Have you ever thought why it is that so many businesses, banks, lenders, personal financial counselors like Doug Foshee, credit unions, financial mortgage institutions, and more….are so ahead of the game and receive so much advertising and healthy, returning clientele? At the same time, though, others are down in the slumps? The answer, my friend, is a lot simpler and to the core than you may have imagined. It is this: social media.

social media

Indeed, the use of social media alone (properly and successfully executed) has cost businesses; it has made or broken a business and its many finances, initial streams of revenue. In fact, it has been proven to do so. Do not just take my word alone for it….see for yourself. I quote a very precise article which deals with just the same issue, and which puts it in better words than I could ever have done in a million years. Here it is:

“Many other financial institutions are jumping on the social media bandwagon with the goal of attracting and engaging customers. They navigate company guidance and industry regulations to share industry news, respond to client questions and even address problems or concerns. Clients are responding with plenty….”

[http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/06/03/why-the-financial-services-industry-started-tweeting, pg. 1]

Hold on for a minute. There is a bit more to this than even that. Are you not quite on board yet with the whole social media thing for your own business yet? Then read this as well:

“A survey of 500 financial advisors by Corporate Insight released earlier this year found that two out of three advisors use social media for business reasons. The most popular choice is LinkedIn (52 percent), followed by Facebook (24 percent) and Twitter (13 percent).” (pg. 1 continued)

social mediaThat is just amazing when you really stop to think about it, do you not agree? The use of social media in and of itself has been found to be a great, if not the great, determining factor, in the incoming revenue streams and continued financial successes—-not to mention popularity, healthy marketing, and overall advertising—-of any business alone, however, great or small. Just think about it for two solid minutes, and think about nothing else. The possibilities are massive and endless here, and many may be done at no cost to start! I don’t know about you personally, but that just blows me away and gets me up out of bed every day!

Twitter, for example, is a fantastic resource for anyone who learns how to use it well and take full advantage of its every feature and capability. Linked In is another great one as well, as are YouTube and Facebook. These are the big ones, though there are several endless other options to choose from.

Now, with Twitter, one can have a page for business and finances…and keep track of marketing plans, tweets, followers, etc. Over time, this can greatly build and spread word of mouth about the business. In time, the customers can come to you automatically instead!